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Shelter Of God Sunday School

I) Sunday School:

Jesus Coming Ministry is handling with Sunday School in Toba Tek Singh, where little angels learn about Word of God and Jesus Christ son of God. Sunday school manages to show the little angels Christian movies and provide them with Christian story books to make the learning easy and comprehensible.

II) Free Tuition Center:

Keeping in view the importance of formal education the ministry has arranged for a free tuition center in both of its target areas.

III) Youth Participation:

Jesus Coming Ministry seeks its pleasure to report that it has won the popularity in youth and many young girls and boys find spiritual rejoice to participate in the activities of the ministry. Youth helps a lot in active working Sunday school are tuition center in both the area.

IV) Outreach Ministry:

This ministry was birthed from the passion to share the love of Jesus Christ and to take his gospel to the uttermost parts of the world. Our prayer for you is that you would enjoy a life changing relationship in Christ and allow God to reveal His awesome plan for your life. May the blessings of the Lord follow you!

School Test

Isaac is giving annual school test. He is 4 year old.

Isaac is giving annual school test. He is 4 year old.