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Shelter Of God Sunday School
Future Plan Goal Needs

Future Plan:
      I) To build a school building and accommodation for orphans
      II) To concentrate in church growth through soul winning                                   III) To start branch small home churches and Sunday school in villages

Conducting healing meetings and deliver the people from diseases, sickness, problems and to know about JESUS. We are marching confidently towards our avowed goal of upliftment of the lowest classes in society, through the spread of gospel and untiring toil. Our proposed projects included:
        * To extend our charitable activities to villages.                                                   * To set up a vocational training institute and Bible school for adults.               * To build a school for the poor and needy children.                                           * To build a orphanage for the destitute children of community.

We strive to bring bible studies and free formal education to community children in Toba Tek Singh and surroundings.
We seek to ensure that children get chance to receive bible education along with their formal education, purified of all the biased and discriminated syllabus.
We emphasis on family prayers and upraising of prayer groups for the edification of our faith in Christ.
We establish biblical training center in this place that is shrouded in darkness. We strive to up grade the standard of living of the poor christian children. We wish to fulfilled the needs of these poor christians, because they want fulfilled the Will of God our Father.

Needed Supplies for Sunday School and Formal Education: 
1: Need bibles and Christian songs books (Urdu language)

2: Need a building for school (Sunday School & Formal Education)
3: Sound System
4: Multimedia Projector
5: Pedestal of Bracket/Wall Fans
6: Story bible books
7: Fruit (Dry & Fresh) and Food
8: Medical Treatment/First Aid
9: Stationary Stuff
10: Games
11: Boys and Girls Shoes ( ages 3-12 year)
12: Boys and Girls Shoes ( ages 3-12 year)

Thanks you advance for your great and generous help. God bless you! 


Send your generous and valuable gifts for school building and Orphanage..................